"PEOPLE MANAGEMENT #101 is a practical, self-teach manual covering all the skills and techniques needed to be an effective people manager. It's also a distilled version of the author's successful training programme/3-day event that he has been developing and running for more than 20 years. "

"A coherent blend of principles, knowledge and procedures, this holistic approach is packed with rich content, practical exercises, real-life scenarios, scripts and free templates to enhance the communication skills and actions of even the most seasoned of managers. "

"It delves deep into behaviours and accountability, encourages the fostering of positive working environments and tackles the good, the bad and the ugly of people management (from praise to dismissal)."

"Each section includes a thorough consolidation exercise to give clarity and reinforce learning, and the real-life workplace scenarios, together with step sequences of carrying out key interviews and meetings, will enable effective managers to get the results they need. "

"Forget every other management book you have ever read because PEOPLE MANAGEMENT #101 is nothing like the norm. Its two-way dialogue, encouragement and perceptive psychological insights are refreshing and are the result of years of training and developing."